Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Baby Girl Names and Meanings: Choosing the ideal name for your baby Girl sometimes can be a big challenge, especially when you don’t know where to start your search.

If you have been searching for cool and cute baby girl names with meaning, then you came to the right place.

Our list of beautiful girl names with Meaning will inspire you to find a unique name for your baby girl.

When you have found a name for your baby, for sure you will feel relieved and the task accomplished.

From popular girl names with Meaning, cool girl names with meaning, cute girl names with meaning to rare and pretty unique girl names with meaning, am sure you are going to find an ideal name. Some female names are of women you may know.

Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Ausha – Means Energetic, determined, courageous
McKay – Means Happy, rejoicing
Mari – Means Beloved
Vienna – Means Wine country
Trista – Means Noisy
Brielle – Means Heroine of God

Lena – Means Light, or ray of light
Emaline – Means Peaceful home
Nadia – Means Hope
Briar – Means Brambles, thorny bush of wild roses
Adelaide – Means Noble-natured

Vera – Means True, faith
Jobelle – Means Yahweh is gracious
Danica – Means Morning star
Chloe – Means Blooming, fertility

Myla – Means Merciful, soldier
Halle – Means Home ruler
Gabrielle – Means God is my strength
Liliana – Means Pure, innocent, lily

Marlene – Means Star of the sea
Mirabel – Means Wondrous
Ruby – Means Red precious stone
Ariel – Means Lion of God
Julane – Means Pretty, Yahweh is God

Jewel – Means Delight, plaything
Yuka – Means Reason, fragrance, good
Brynne – Means Noble, defender, drop of water
Bella – Means Beautiful
Hawaii – Means New homeland
Violet – Means Purple flower
Octavia – Means Eighth

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Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Kiera – Means Dark, dark-haired
Phoenix – Means Dark red
Mia – Means Beloved, darling
Evelyn – Means Wished-for child
Elsa – Means Pledged for God
Irie – Means Good, pleasing

Quinn – Means Counsel
Scarlett – Means Courage, passion
Yolanda – Means Violet
Chaya – Means Life
Phoebe – Means Bright
Robyn – Means Bright, famous one

Rowan – Means Little red-haired one
Daphne – Means Fountains, springs, brooks
Luna – Means Moon
Faith – Means Trust, belief
Janece – Means Benevolent, brilliant

Delanie – Means From the alder grove
Selena – Means Moon goddess
Elle – Means She
Joelle – Means Jehovah is God
Laina – Means Pathway
Fiona – Means Fair, white

Wren – Means Small bird
Aspen – Means Quaking tree
Heidi – Means Nobility
Raquel – Means Innocent
Cora – Means Just, honest, virtuous
Winnie – Means Fair one, smooth, soft

Astrid – Means Beautiful, fair
Harlow – Means Army hill
Leia – Means Child of heaven
Eva – Means Life, living one
Tessa – Means Fourth, reaper

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Pretty Unique Girl Names with Meaning

Arianne – Means Most holy
Hope – Means Desire of fulfillment
Estelle – Means Star
Lara – Means Protection
Tania – Means Fairy queen
Petra – Means Rock, stone

Tena – Means Strong, healthy
Emersyn – Means Powerful, brave
Raelyn – Means Advisor, protector
Iris – Means Rainbow
Serena – Means Tranquil, serene, clear
Opal – Means Jewel

Daisy – Means Day’s eye
Mercedes – Means Reward
Olive – Means Olive tree
Paris – Means Wallet, pouch
Kamila – Means Perfect
Alexa – Means To defend
Kehlani – Means Sea and sky

Asantewaa – Means Warrior
Kyra – Means Lord
Fallon – Means Leader
Austin – Means Great, magnificent
Jade – Means Stone of the side
Melody – Means Song

Piper – Means Feisty yet floaty
Cinnamon – Means Spice
Marley – Means Pleasant seaside meadow
Anastasia – Means Resurrection
Clea – Means To praise
Tobi – Means God is good
Dominique – Means Of the Lord

Cool Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Sejal – Means Pure flowing water
Trinity – Means Triad, referring to the Holy Trinity
Summer – Means Season
Cecilla – Means Blind
Adele – Means Noble

Beatrix – Means Voyager, traveler
Leah – Means Pretty girl
Stella – Means Star
Natalia – Means Christmas day
Sonya – Means Wisdom
Kinsley – Means King’s meadow
Polly – Means Star of the sea

Dakota – Means Friend, allies
Millicent – Means Strength
Lilac – Means Bluish, lilac
Azalea – Means Dry
Rasha – Means Pleasant
Shivani – Means Life and death
Diedre – Means Broken-hearted, sorrowful
Aaliyah – Means High, exalted

Rochelle – Means Little rock, rest
Ilana – Means Tree
Kindra – Means Greatest champion
Naomi – Means Pleasant, beautiful
Genevieve – Means Woman of the race
Willow – Means Freedom, willow tree

Brooke – Means Small stream, water
Avery – Means Wise
Marina – Means From the sea
Lily – Means White flower
Zoey – Means Life
Sabrina – Means From the River Severn
Savannah – Means Treeless plain