Gothic Baby Names – Boy & Girl Names

Gothic Baby Names: Discover a distinctive and alluring baby name with a hint of macabre by exploring Gothic baby names. Delve into the imaginative and mysterious world of goth culture, where names inspired by horror, the beauty of nature, the passion of romance, and the myth of legends come together to create a collection of names that are not only intriguing, but also elegantly captivating. Explore the dark corners of the imagination and take a journey through the realms of the unknown to uncover the most striking gothic names.

Find the perfect fit for your little one and embrace their unique personality with a gothic moniker.

Gothic Baby Names

Here is a list of gothic baby names:





















Note: Some of the names listed above have negative or dark connotations, so please choose carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the name you select.

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Gothic Boy Names

Astrophel – Star Lover.

Zane – God Is Gracious.

Wolf – The Wild Animal.

Waldron – Forest Dwelling.

Valerian – Healthy And Strong.

Valentine – Healthy, Strong – But A Name Associated With Love And Romance, For Obvious Reasons.

Ulfred – Wolf Of Peace.

Tristan – Sad, Sorrowful.

Tartarus – The Darkest Part Of The Underworld.

Serpent – An Alternative Word For A Snake.

Samael – The Jewish Angel Of Death.

Salem – The Town Famous For Its Witch Trials.

Riordan – An Irish Royal Poet.

Ransley – Raven Meadow.

Phelan – Like A Wolf.

Perseus – Avenger, Destroyer – And The Greek Hero.

Payne – Countryman, But With A Dark Gothic Sound That Might Be Perfect.

Osiris – The Egyptian God Of The Dead.

Orpheus – The Legendary Musician From Ancient Greek Myth.

Orion – Dawning, The Name Of A Constellation.

Oberon – A Fairy King, From Shakespeare’s Play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Nodin – Wind.

Niall – Champion.

Natrix – Water Snake.

Martel – From French, Meaning Hammer.

Malachi – My Messenger.

Lycidas – Wolf-Son.

Lucius – An Alternative To Lucien, But Infused With Harry Potter Vibes.

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Gothic Male Names

Lucien – Light.

Lazarus – God Has Helped. The Character In The Bible Who Famously Returns From The Dead.

Kazimir – From The Slavic, Meaning Destroyer Of Peace.

Jasper – A Reddish Precious Stone.

Jarlath – The Dark Lord.

Jairus – God Enlightens.

Jael – Mountain Goat.

Israfel – In Islam, The Angel Of Music.

Ingram – Raven Of Peace.

Hunter – A Great Gothic Baby Name For Boys.

Grimbald – A Medieval Monk.

Gawain – A Medieval English Knight.

Gabriel – From The Christian Archangel.

Frey – The Norse God Of Fertility And Prosperity.

Eoghan – Born Of Yew.

Elwin – Elf Or Magical Being, From The Old English.

Eldritch – Sinister, Ghostly.

Edgar – From Perhaps The Most Famous Gothic Writer, Edgar Allan Poe.

Dorian – The Character From Oscar Wilde’s The Picture Of Dorian Grey.

Dante – The Medieval Poet.

Damian / Damien – To Tame Or Subdue. But Also The Devilish Character From The Omen. A Favorite Gothic Boy Name.

Corbin – Little Crow.

Cain / Kane – The Son Of Adam And Eve.

Caedmon – An Anglo-Saxon Poet.

Cadogan – Battle Glory.

Cadell – Welsh, Meaning Battle.

Brendan – Prince Or King In Irish.

Brander – Sword Or Fiery Torch.

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Creepy Gothic Female Names

Tristezza – an Italian word meaning sadness. A perfectly gothic baby girl name.

Solanine – a type of poison found in nightshade.

Poison – a name that needs no introduction.

Pestilentia – infectious disease.

Perdita – from the Latin meaning lost.

Naenia – the Roman goddess of funerals.

Lilith – a demon in Jewish mythology, and an edgy girl’s name.

Kalma – the Finnish god of death and decay.

Kali – Hindu goddess of doomsday and death.

Inclementia – from the Latin meaning cruelty.

Hecate – a Greek goddess associated with witchcraft and the underworld.

Gossamer – a film of cobwebs.

Gehenna – a place in the Bible where the wicked go to suffer. Creepy indeed.

Creepy Gothic Male Names

Necro – relating to death.

Morte – french meaning death.

Moloch – an ancient pagan god, and a unique gothic baby boy name.

Lucifer – another name for the devil.

Hemlock – a type of poison that famously killed socrates.

Hannibal – the ancient general who led his army of elephants across the alps, and the creepy killer from the horror movies. A truly badass boy name.

Hades – the king of the underworld.

Draven – of the raven.

Chaos – total disorder, or the greek idea of total emptiness.

Belial – a hebrew name for the devil.

Azrael – the islamic angel of death.

Astaroth – the grand duke of hell.

Gothic Girl Names

Xylia – woodland dweller.

Xenobia – A Syrian queen who conquered Egypt.

Wren – a type of bird.

Willow – the tree.

Wednesday – a day of the week, and the character from The Addams Family.

Vesper / Vespera – evening prayers.

Velika – from the Slavic, meaning great or wondrous.

Valentina – healthy, strong.

Ursula – little she-bear.

Titania – Shakespeare’s fairy queen.

Timandra – the mythical sister of Helen.

Thora – the female equivalent of the Norwegian god Thor.

Semyazza – a fallen Christian angel.

Scarlett – from the color scarlet.

Sabrina – a river goddess.

Rue – to regret.

Rose – from the beautiful, but prickly, plant.

Renata – reborn in Latin.

Philomena – field of strength.

Orenda – the Iroquois name for a spiritual energy in people and the environment.

Ophelia – Shakespeare’s tragic character in Hamlet.

Nyx – night.

Nesta – from the Welsh, meaning pure.

Narcissa – daffodil or someone in love with their own beauty.

Morwenna – maiden.

Morticia – from the word mortician, a character from The Addams Family.

Morrigan – from the Irish meaning great queen.

Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.

Magenta – an intense pink color.

Magena – a Native American word for the Moon.

Luna – the Roman goddess of the moon.

Lethia – forgetful.

Kalonice – victory of beauty.

Kairos – from the Greek, meaning a moment.

Juliet – from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

Jocasta – a character from Greek myth.

Jinx – an evil spell.

Jezebel – the wicked queen of Israel.

Ianira – a Greek sea nymph and enchantress.

Hestia – the Greek goddess of the home.

Hesperia – evening star.

Gwendoline – white ring.

Guinevere – the queen from Arthurian legend, meaning fair one.

Garnet – a deep red precious stone.

Feronia – the Roman goddess of wildlife and abundance.

Ethelinda – noble serpent.

Eris – the Greek goddess of strife and discord.

Elvira – foreign.

Edana – a Gaelic name meaning fire.

Drusilla – fruitful.

Draconia – a female Gothic name from the male Draco.

Dionisia – follower of Dionysus, the Greek god of intoxication.

Diamanda – from the word for diamond.

Danika – a Slavic name meaning morning star.

Crimson – a deep red purple, the color of blood.

Circe – an ancient Greek sorceress.

Chandra – the Hindi word for moon.

Calliope – the Greek muse of poetry.

Calista – most beautiful, from ancient Greek.

Branwen – from the Welsh, meaning blessed raven.

Bernia – the angel in armor.

Bellatrix – meaning female warrior, it’s a gothic baby girl name popularized by J.K. Rowling.

Belinda – both beautiful and bright serpent.

Badriyah – from the Arabic, meaning full moon.

Autumn – the season when summer turns to winter. A name that’s both beautiful and dark.

Aurora – the Roman goddess of dawn.

Anastasia – from the Greek resurrection.

Amethyst – a type of violet gemstone.

Amaris – from the Hebrew promised by God, or the Latin bitter.