Italian Boy Names

Italian boy names are known for their strong, traditional roots and unique cultural influences. These names often have a romantic and musical sound, reflecting Italy’s rich artistic and historical heritage.

Many popular Italian boy names have been passed down through generations and are inspired by famous historical figures, saints, and classical literature. From timeless classics like Leonardo and Angelo to more modern and unique names like Giorgio and Lorenzo, there is a wide range of options for parents seeking an Italian name for their son. Whether you are looking for a name with a strong cultural significance or simply one that sounds beautiful and distinctive, an Italian boy name might just be the perfect choice for your baby.

Italian Boy Names

Adalberto: Aristocratic and bright

Ale: Defender of man

Alessandro: Defender of men

Alfio: Fair skinned

Amadeo: God’s love

Ambrogio: Everlasting

Amedeo: God’s love

Angelo: God’s messenger

Antonio: Worthy of admiration or praise

Aristide: Finest

Armani: Longing for

Arsenio: Virile, potent, strong

Aurelio: Gilded or golden

Benedetto: The blessed one

Benito: The blessed one

Biaggio: Stammering, stuttering

Bonavento: Good fortune

Celso: Exalted one

Cesare: Head full of hair

Colombo: A dove

Colonel: A column

Cornelio: Horn

Cosimo: Courtesy, order

Cristiano: Christian man

Danilo: The Lord is my judge

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Dante: Steadfast, faithful

Demonte: Living near the top of a mountain

Dino: Various

Domenico: Lord’s child

Donatello: Donated

Durante: Steadfast

Emilio: Rival, challenger

Enzo: Ruler of the house

Ercole: Hera’s glory

Eugenio: Of noble descent

Fabio: Bean farmer

Fabrizio: Skilled worker

Faustino: Fortunate

Fausto: Fortunate

Flavio: Golden-haired

Franco: French man

Gaetano: From Gaeta

Geronimo: Holy name

Giambattista: John the Baptist

Giuliano: Wearing a soft beard

Jenoah: Unclear

Lando: Unclear

Lazzaro: My helper is God

Lorenzo: City of laurels

Luciano: Light of the day

Lucio: Light of the day

Marcello: Pledged to Mars

Marco: Rendered to Mars, warlike

Marino: Rendered to Mars

Maurizio: A dark-skinned person

Mauro: A dark-skinned person

Michelangelo: Michael, the angel

Napoleon: From Naples

Nazario: From Nazareth

Nero: The strong one

Ottavio: Eighth

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Palmiro: Pilgrimage or religious expedition

Paolo: Tiny, petite

Pasquale: Easter-related

Placido: Calm or placid

Porfirio: Purple

Prospero: According to one’s wishes

Renato: Reborn

Renzo: City of laurels

Ricci: Crinkly or curly

Romano: Coming from Rome

Romeo: Coming to Rome

Romolo: From Rome

Salvatore: Savior

Santino: Saint

Saverio: New home

Sebastiano: From Sebastos

Sergio: One who serves, attendant

Severin: Austere or grim

Severino: Austere or grim

Severo: Austere or grim

Silvano: A man from the woods

Silvestro: From the woods

Silvio: From the woods

Soren: Austere, severe or grim

Tito: Honored

Tonio: Worthy of admiration or praise

Valentino: Hale and healthy

Valerio: Powerful, strong

Ventura: Good luck or fortunate

Vitale: Vital

Vito: Full of life

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