Best Race Track Toys for Toddlers

Best Race Track Toys for Toddlers: The race car track toy for kids is one of the best gift ideas that you can gift your kid.

No matter the advancement in technology, playing with model cars on the track is one of the most thrilling feelings.

In this case, kids are spoilt with choices as there are quite a good number of race car tracks for toddlers available on the market.

Best Race Track Toys for Toddlers

Today we are going to look at some of the best-racing car’s tracks for kids. These best race car track toys for kids will enable them to have endless fun.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit – Race Track with Cars

Race Track with Cars

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The Anki OVERDRIVE is one of the world’s most intelligent battle racing systems. The racing track toy uses a very advanced technology that makes the kid feel like they are in the future. The supercar is a self-aware robot that is driven by very powerful artificial intelligence. It does not matter which toddler race track you build, they will quickly learn it.

The moment you start playing with this kid’s race car track the better it becomes on each race.

These race cars for kids are not just designed to be toys, they are programmed to face any battle and be controlled with your mobile device. The supercar is full of amazing features which include an optical sensor, dedicated 50MHz CPU as well as two high-performance motors to provide exact maneuvering with one-millimeter accuracy.

With this race car track, you can challenge your friends or fight the AI opponents. You can also customize the supercars with weapons and build-outs, and compete in a variety of modes such as Race, Battle, Time Trial, and King of the Hill.

More about the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

  • Race with your friends
  • It uses unrivaled supercar tech
  • It is simple to set up and play
  • The weapons are customizable

Ontel Magic Tracks – Kids Race Car Track

Kids Race Car Track

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The Magic Tracks are the completely new cool race tracks that will excite your kid. The kid’s car track bends and glows making even the game more fun and enjoyable.

With this race car track toy, you can bend, flex, as well as curve the track magically in 360 in any way that you want even while the race car is zooming around.

With this toy car race track, you can change the design of your track into any pattern that you desire. Each racecar features 5 built-in LED lights that make it glow as it speeds around the track. When you turn off the lights, it glows like magic.

More about the race car track toy

  • Fully customized speedway
  • You can turn off the lights
  • It is an amazing racetrack that can glow, bend and flex
  • The track rolls up to give you that quick and easy storage

Disney Pixar Cars 3 – Ultimate Race Track for Toddlers

Ultimate Race Track for Toddlers

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This is one of the best race track toys that your kid will enjoy.  The toddler car track is the ultimate track that you will get for your kid. At an epic 5 feet long it is loaded with amazing movie-inspired details.

The kid’s car track features a themed play area, a motorized booster, a raised track for increased velocity, and a vehicle.

The booster is used to propel the vehicles around the track at an exciting speed.

More about the car track toy

  • It is a 5 feet long Playset
  • Comes with amazing features
  • Offers thrilling adventures to the kids
  • Features a motorized booster that keeps the cars speeding in continuous play.
  • It features a diverter that allows the cars to switch lanes


These best race car track toys come with endless fun possibilities for your kid. Each race is different from another and comes with different challenges as you face the opponent. The racing tracks for kids can also boost their creative thinking as they design their own racing track from scratch.