Best Train Toys for Toddlers

Best Train Toys for Toddlers: Toy train for kids is one of the best gifts and toys that you can buy your child. It can either be on their birthday, Christmas, or any special day.

These toddler train sets are designed in such a way that the whole family will enjoy playing with them and having quality time together. If you want something different, then you should try out train tracks toys for kids.

No matter the age, your kid will still enjoy the train toys. When you look into the market, you will discover there are many train toy models that offer the kid with the much-needed endless fun. The toys are categorized depending on the age and skills required to play the toy train for kids


Which are the Best Train Toys for Toddlers?

Best Train Toys for Toddlers

In this review, we are going to look at some of the best Train Toys for Toddlers that you can buy online. These train toys will make your kid have more hours of fun and enjoy playing.

Kidzzy Toys Wooden Train Set for Toddlers and Kids

Best Train Toys for Toddlers

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Kidzzy Toys Wooden Train Set for Toddlers and Kids is an amazing beginner train set for young minds. The train set is perfectly designed to enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

The train set includes 10 pieces of wood tracks, 3 pieces of magnetic trains, a sheep, horse, cow, dog, chicken, windmill, tree, barn, and a farmer.

The premium quality wooden tracks are designed to withstand many hours of play compared to other brands. Therefore you are guaranteed it will last. Being double-sided, it makes it compatible with similar train sets and magnetic train cars such as Brio, Thomas, and more.

The train toy is very safe for your kid. A safety test has been conducted to ensure that it is safe and meets all the required safety standards.

This train toy for toddlers is perfect as a gift. It is ideal for holidays, birthday parties, or just showing your affection to the child.

More about the train toy for toddlers

  • It is the best beginner train set for young minds
  • The train set enhances creativity and imagination in the kid
  • Durable train toy for toddlers
  • It is safe for toddlers
  • Perfect gift toy

Toddler Train Set: LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train

Toddler Train Set

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LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train is a well-designed train set that is designed to engage your kid for hours of play. The train set is now easier for your toddler to control and interact in different ways. From the moment your kid sets their eyes on this toddler train set, they will love it as they become the DUPLO locomotive driver with the Push and Go motor.

They can gently push the train forwards or backward and sent it on its way. Firm hold or lift off the tracks will make the train stop.

Help your kid place the five-colored action bricks along the track to sound the horn, pause and refuel, turn the lights on and off, change direction, and stop the train wherever they wish.

This LEGO DUPLO set features a loading station, café, boat, 2 cranes, harbor, 3 DUPLO figures in addition to an animal figure, and lots of cool track pieces.

The LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train encourages the development of the child’s fine motor skills, language, and cognitive ability in boys and girls

More about the toddler train set

  • Ideal for preschoolers
  • Fun activity toddler train set
  • Lets your child be in charge of the train as the Cargo Train rolls down the track
  • It is very colorful and a fun way to let your kid master building skills
  • It includes two cranes, a Cargo Train loading station, and more to give hours of fun
  • Push and Go motor makes it easy to move along the track
  • Features five Action Bricks that you can make the train turn lights on and off, sound its horn, and change direction
  • Easy to build
  • It encourages learning
  • Perfect first train set for toddlers


Train Toys for Toddlers

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Kids love trains and this train track toy for toddlers will give your child hours of fun and entertainment. Fun little toys toy train playset is perfectly designed to appeal to your kid.

This toy train will always make your child engaged as they send it in to a new adventure. The little one will easily conduct the beautiful train as it runs smoothly on the track and passes through the rainbow archway. For sure it will be an exciting adventure for your kid.

The pieces are designed in such a way that a toddler can handle and with the help of your assemble. If you are wondering how to start, it comes with a detailed instruction manual to help with assembling.

The train toy for toddlers includes train tracks,  transit signs, train stations as well as other entertainment facilities that will help create an amusement park. Altogether it comes with 189 pieces.

More about the train toys for toddlers 

  • It has 189 pieces
  • Features 8 rectangular rail tracks
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate
  • It is a fun-filled train set for toddlers