Toy Police Cars with Lights and Sirens

Toy Police Cars with Lights and Sirens: Kids are fascinated with police cars. The best thing you can do to make their dreams more real is by buying them a police car toy.

The toy industry is very innovative and is constantly making toy police cars for kids.

With various designs of police cars for kids such as exact scale replicas to remote control police cars I am sure you will find a taste that your kid likes.

Toy Police Cars with Lights and Sirens

Find some of the best toy police cars with lights and sirens. These kid police car toys can be played solo or be shared with friends.  These toy police cars for kids will offer hours of fun and play.

Prextex RC Police Car – Remote Control Police Car

Toy Police Cars with Lights and Sirens

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This is a well-designed police car for kids. It has an amazing look and produces realistic sound.

Your kid will love this remote control police car. It is made using the highest quality plastic and metals. Its rubber tires enable you to smoothly control it even over a range of 60 feet.

The police toy car allows you to easily control the sound and light from your remote.

More about the Remote Control Police Car

  • Perfect gift for your kid
  • Unique design
  • It has an incredible 60-feet range
  • Best Christmas gift for boys ages 5 to adult

Friction Powered Police Car with Light and Sounds

Police car for kids

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This police car toy is best for any active child. It is best for kids of all ages and even adults. Your child can play with it anywhere.

Playing with this police car will help develop your child’s imagination, motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. It is fun to play with as well as educational.

This police toy car for boys and girls will boost your child’s imagination and creativity. It will give them endless hours of play.

The police car toy with lights and sirens is ideal for ages 3 and up.

The toy car features friction Powered Wheels, you will no need to use batteries. You can push it forward and it will run on its own.

The car features four buttons at the top which is used to activate realistic sound and light effects. Your child will love the pragmatic sounds of engine start, honk, and siren.

More about the police toy car

  • Made from durable plastic construction
  • It does not have any sharp edges which might hurt your kid
  • Stimulate the learning process
  • Friction power police car toy
  • Light and sound effect
  • Detailed interior and exterior

YEAM Police Car Toy

Kids police car

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This police car toy will enable your child to experience the thrill of working as a cop. The realistic detailing enables the toy police car with lights and a siren to look like a real police car.

The toy police car is made of ABS making it durable and safe for your baby. It has no sharp corners or edges therefore fewer chances of any potential harm.

The police car is friction Powered; therefore it is able to move without any batteries or power. All you need is to slightly push it and it will move forward on its own.

The rubber wheels are able to run on any surface.

This car also features three 3 sound buttons

It is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your kid.


There are so many toys in the market, but it is time to get a Toy Police Car with Lights and Sirens for your kid. These police cars for kids will truly impress your kid compared to other cars.